The imposing façade opens into a warm and welcoming building filled with services our members can enjoy with family or mingle amongst each other. Our clubs are known to make the smallest of your events like birthdays, anniversaries or just plain and simple get-togethers a memorable and fun experience and two decades of service record serves as testimony to our clubbing success...


First Birthdays to Fiftieth Birthdays we will make sure that you are wished in a way you would always remember, From organizing Cakes, Food, Themes, We have it all covered for you.


Family Get Togethers
The strongest bond we share is with our families, No matter what happens these are the bunch of people who will always stand by your side. Celebrate the bond of blood and of course the extended family that we make along the way. A family reunion should have the sense of belonging the sense of ownership and the feeling of love and we will make sure it happens.


School Reunions, College Reunions, Alumni Meetups, These are the celebration of our past and a reminder of our carefree days, From organizing photo ops, to themes we will try and make sure that you relive the memories of your young days with a smile.


This is a celebration of the most special day in your life, the days you became two from one. Whether you want to relive the same experience or have a different theme we will help you celebrate this day in style. Also if you had gotten married at Patio Clubs and have now come back for your anniversary please do tell us this; what will follow is something you would have never imagined.