Wednesday Theater @ 8

03  September  2014  to  03  September  2014, 08:00PM  |  Table of Contents @ Club Patio
Cover Charges :- Rs. 300/- (Fully Redeemable against your food/drinks bill)
The Park

Directed By: Rahul Tewari
Language : Hindi  
Durations : 40 Minutes

Synopsis : One Park .Three Regular Benches and three ordinary men trying to justify their rights on them.
                 For each one's claim is the greatest and the most fundamental.The play is a sarcastic 
                 Comment on the growing intolerance amongst us and questions some of our own view on space,
                 territory and ownesrship.

Cast : Mohit Mukherjee, Ayushaansh Gupta ,Rahul Tewari