Wednesday Theater @ 8

06  August  2014  to  06  August  2014, 08:00PM  |  Platters @ Nirvana Patio
Cover Charges :- Rs. 300/- (Fully Redeemable against your food/drinks bill)

Directed By :  Vishesh Arora
Written By   :   Neil Simon
Language     :   English
Duration       :   50 Minutes

Room no 719

Synopsis :  This is the most comic of the acts ,the story Revolves around married couple
                  on their Daughter's wedding day .In a rush of nervousness the daughter has locked
                  herself in the suite's bathroom and refuses to leave.

Cast : Adhiraj Sharma & Nitika Arora

Room no : 201

Synopsis :  British actress Diana Nichols got nominated for the Academy Award ( Best Actress).
                 Although she Knows she doesn't stand a chance.She Still  hopes.
                 Her once closeted husband has become flamboyant about his sexual orientation .
                 leaving her in denial coming closer to D-day. Her moods fluctuate.
Cast:  Sarthak Mattoo & Dimple kaur