Supper Theatre @ Club Patio

07  February  2018, 08:30PM  |  Table of Contents @ Club Patio

Khusrau Raagi

Qawwali by Zafar Hayat Nizami

The Nizami Brothers belong to a renowned family of indian subcontinent namely "MERAJ-E-MOSIQUEE SIKANDRA GHARANA'. The linage belongs to the tomb of Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Aulia (RA). Zafar Hayat Nizami and his brothers started training of Qawwali in their childhood under the supervision of their father Ustad Mohd Hyat Khan Nizami, a well-known Qawwal.

Nizami Brothers have been awarded with innumerable titles and medals and the title of "Khusro Ragi".