“There is no love greater than the love of eating”

Club Patio

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Savour the fine dining experience at Table of contents our culinary legend at Club Patio


The finest spirits, the best snacks, open air seating and air conditioned indoors to choose from, and needless to say any match or any event will be screening here.

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South Patio


Style, mastery and imagination. Together they mean a culinary bonanza that’s much more than food. Step into bliss and enjoy fine dining at its best.

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Soaking in old world charm picasso's comfortable sofa seating and classic semi-circular bar remind you of the days of the raj. With the finest spirits and peaceful environment this is the best bet to come and unwind from a day’s hard work.

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Nirvana Patio


At platters, enjoy a culinary bonanza. No matter what your taste is there is a platter to every palette. Savour a grand spread of cuisine from the favourites to the experimental.

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Apart from the dazzling array of the finest spirits sin also boasts of some rarities in its kitty. Sin is one of nirvana country’s finest watering holes.

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